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post-shower game strong 💪

Do me.

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The cock of my dreams

this, my dear friends; is pure perfection.

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aizensamax asked: How long was the biggest cock you've taken ?


Probably about 8 inches, and I’m definitely up for something bigger ;)

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coco-cock asked: How old are you



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nothingbutglamour asked: So, tied to a bed, or onto a table. For science i assure you ;)


This totally depends on the position, eventual use of pillows/other objects affecting the level of comfort as well as my mood ;s I like both in any case, so I guess it’s a fair draw!

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Oh my, I didn’t know my body would become this popular ;) Keep’em coming guys, and remember; I always love it when you all send me submissions! ;*

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basicallydicks asked: Tied up or blindfolded?


Tied up. I love being restricted and getting completely dominated, and as hot as being blindfolded is - I often prefer to see all the good stuff ;)

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basicallydicks asked: What do you like on a man more: a hot dick or a set of nice abs?


As much as I love a set of nice abs, a big juicy cock will always get me going pretty much regardless of the man’s physique.

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Fuck.. I seriously NEED someone to come pound my hungry boypussy like this. Make me moan and whimper just like the bottom in the video <3

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